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Is your room feeling unfinished or lacking some much needed texture? One of the best ways to accomplish both of these tasks is by introducing some exciting new wall art to your space. By utilising these pieces as a focal point for your room, you have a great design to work the rest of your room's style off of as the art simply ties everything together. This is also a great way to add texture and feel to a room that doesn't have too much variety going on with it. This is most basic principals of interior design, every room needs a focal point to instantly draw the eye into the space and give the viewer a sense of expectation.
Our big piece of wall art or a collection or alternatively a creative gallery could easily spice up a room. Wall art makes a room appear finished. It adds some flair to your room and really put your own personal touch on it. It goes without saying that a great piece of Binke Photographic Art has fulfilled this position for many. Of course, when choosing a piece of wall art to be a focal point your space, the most important consideration is size.
An artwork that is too small will be dwarfed by surrounding furniture.
We provide state of art products that will suit any style and any art form. You can choose our premium canvas (with a 100 year guarantee), a traditional frame, or a more contemporary product with our floating acrylic or prints on metal.
Imagine your own personal artwork standing proudly above the bed in your master suite. Imagine this timeless piece of art passing through your family from generation to generation long after you left. Imagine the story, the legacy you left behind. This is why we put our mind, heart and soul into every single artwork we create – turning your story into timeless, elegant, breathtaking work of art.
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Our Collections

Products Specification

Juniper Fine Art Paper Prints

* The new Juniper Baryta Rag 305 is a 100% cotton, true baryta (barium sulfate) fiber paper  -


* Metal Mounts (or 3mm Dibond Mounts) are available in any size from 30 x 30cm up to 120 x 300cm.
* Print on Metallic Paper .
* The print is mounted to a 3mm Dibond, Aluminium Composite panel backing.
* For added stability, a 20mm aluminium channel frame which 'floats' the work off the wall when hung.


Your Fine Art Canvases, are protected by our 100 Year Guarantee against fading. It is the best quality canvases available, combined with Canon Lucia EX pigment inks, which are well known for their superior lasting qualities.


* Your Gallery Floating Acrylic is finished to the highest standard possible.
* Your image is mounted with optically clear adhesive to ensure the cleanest, smoothest finish.
* The print is backed with a 3mm Dibond, Aluminium Composite panel backing to eliminate warping.




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