"It is more than just a portrait, it is truly a piece of art."

Being parent of a wonderful 4 years old boy, we know exactly all the exciting moment awaiting for you . Life as you know will change forever. Soon you will move from a couple to a family. Who you are as a couple takes so much meaning and strengths. you will experience new joys, explore new depths and dimensions of your partnership that were previously unknown. You will discover the truest, purest, ego-free kind of love... This is why have so much fun and joy photographing parent-to-be!

Doing a maternity photo-shoot is a way to celebrate this beautiful period, to celebrate the biggest commitment you will ever made in  your life. Maternity portraits aren’t something that we do only for ourselves. We do it for the little baby growing inside. We do it to be able to share the experience with them . We do it to be able to show them how they grew. We capture forever our pregnancy to look back and laugh with our child at the cravings, and the hormones. It is priceless!! We don’t know anyone who has regretted getting a pregnancy photo shoot – but we know plenty who regret not doing it!

Often compared to the renaissance painting, our maternity portrait is very different from everything you have ever seen. We use water to portrait this unique experience. Water makes everything more poetic, creates a feeling of strength, weightlessness, and fragility. Their is a sense of purity, elegance and sensuality translated simultaneously through the subjects' freely positioned body floating around meters of chiffon. This is why we felt in love with underwater maternity photography.


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"My husband and I can not be happier with how the photos came out for our maternity shoot, not only are they amazingly beautiful but they are so different to anything we have ever seen! In regards to photo shoot with Steffen and Arielle from the moment we met them they made us feel so relaxed and their hospitality was unexpected. Also there was no rush that you get from other photo shoots due to time restraints. Steffen and Arielle took the time to explain the process of underwater photography and its amazing how easy it was for us to achieve the pictures we have. All we can say is that it truly felt like we were with close friends having a great time in the pool, no pressure to get the picture right as it all naturally comes together and no rush on time! Thank you so much Steffen and Arielle you guys are amazing and we cant wait to come back and do it all again with bubs in 6th time."

Thank you Kaz Moller xxx





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