Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

1What will my whole experience include and how do I secure it?
We simply ask you to deposit $200 to secure your photographic experience and included are: 1. Your Planning Sessions / Consultation where we take you on a journey and customize your photographic shoot, to reflect you and your personality – underwater. 2. Your Make-Up. 3. Your Personal Photographic Shoot that captures the essence of you and the people you love most. 4. Your cinematic presentation of your photos where we will consult you in the selection and customization of your Wall Art Please note that your deposit has to be paid one week before the photo-shoot.
2Where are you located?
We are based in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast 80km north of Brisbane, Australia.
3How soon do I have to book my shoot?
To avoid being on a waiting list, we recommend to contact us as soon as possible to reserve your day.
4Is the pool heated?
Yes, we keep the pool around 33 degrees, but we can adjust it to as warm as you like. Your comfort comes first.
5What level of water comfort is required?
Whatever your comfort level is in the water, we’ll prepare each step with you and promise you will feel very comfortable. Most of the clients who call water not their favourite element, can be assured that we shoot in an confined water environment where you always been able to stand.
6How long will it all take on the day?
You’ll need you to invest one weekday with us. You and your family will be with us in the morning from 9am till around 12pm for our photo shoot and we’ll invite you back at around 2pm for our consultation which takes around 2 hours max.
7Are you available for weekend photo shoots?
Our Underwater Photo- shoots are are weekdays: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
8What colour dresses can Binke Photographic Art provide for me?
Our range includes, white, gold, pink, purple, red and blue.
9What do need I need to bring?
During our conversations, we will be planning the look and feel of your Underwater Photographic Shoot. Please remember to pack all relevant items spoken about, that will make your Photographic Experience amazing and memorable. It will be different for everyone, and you may need to bring a number of things with you. We’ll take care of everything else you’ll need.
10Can we bring additional accessories to the shoot?
Everything you think need to be part of your memories, and could be the vital, tiny detail which you don't want to miss in 20 years. This includes jewellery, headbands and any other accessory you think could work.
11Will our clothes be ruined by the pool?
Our pool is perfectly balanced and hasn’t damaged any clothes in the past. We will take rinse it straight away after our shoot so they’ll be fresh and dry when you’ll leave us.
12What colour Background can we choose from?
The tone of the artwork is depending of the choice of background you’ll make. There is the option of a lighter tone or a darker tone set by a white or black background. We'll discover more in our conversations towards the shoot.
13What about Make Up?
This service is included and our Make Up Artist is the amazing Valentina Pintus She is a professional Makeup Artist based on the Sunshine Coast. She graduated with the highest score at the Professional Make Up Academy in Rome, Italy and has been working ever since in the beauty and fashion industry. She has been doing makeup for Milan Fashion Week and Elite Models Italy. Her work has been published and featured in many Fashion Magazine such as ELLE, Glamour and Vogue.
14What happens after the shooting?
After our photo shoot pool session in the morning you'll have time to refresh and . Meanwhile we will immediately select the best pictures for your presentation and will invite you back to our studio in the afternoon for your presentation & design consultation session.
15How long do you keep my photographs?
After your design consultation, we will keep your photographs for one month. Only ordered photographs will be kept in our archive.
16What products are you offering?
Please visit our Products Page to get all the detailed informations.
17How much does people usually invest in their memories?
Our clients appreciating the art created together and spend between $2000 to $15000.
18When do I pay for my Wall Art?
We ask you to pay for your order when it is placed at your design consultation. All our work is guaranteed, so there is no risk at Binke Photographic Art.
19Do you have Payment Plans?
We offer two fast, simple payment plans. PayRight: PayRight Zero Interest Payments is based on Quick, Easy and affordable payment plans offered to customers by Binke Photographic Art, with Zero Interest. PayRight is ‘Always Interest-Free’ which makes your plan really affordable. Payright does, however, have an establishment fee of up to $59.95, a monthly account keeping fee of $3.50 and a payment processing fee of $2.95. You apply for PayRight online at the end of your design consultation. Binke Photographic Art will ask you for some details relating to your purchase and process commence the application on your behalf. Applications are completed at Binke Photographic Art and sent to you to complete yourself on your smartphone. Applications take a couple of minutes to complete and you are provided with an instant decision. The Artwork will be delivered after production is complete. Alternatively, you can use our personal designed flexible PaySmart System which is a simple direct debit payment system that allows Australian and New Zealand businesses to collect and manage subscription or periodical payments. The Artwork will be delivered only after full payment is made.
20How soon can I get my Wall Art?
After full payment is made, we’re doing the best to keep the production time within 4 weeks but sometimes depending on the suppliers it can take up to 6 weeks.
21I am not satisfied with the results, can I come back next time?
Of course you can. Capturing the magic moment underwater is challenging. There are many factors to consider. So feel free to contact us to arrange another shoot.
22Are my photographs protected?
Yes. All your photos are owned by us and protected under the Copyright Law of Australia and registered at the US Copyright Office.
23What if I have to cancel or postpone the photo shoot?
You can cancel your photo-shoot for any reason at any time up to 48 hours prior to date and receive a full refund of your booking deposit paid to Binke Photographic Art. There is no refund for any reason after this time. We are more than happy to arrange another suitable time for you or your family.
24What if it is raining on the day of the photo-shoot?
Binke Photographic Art reserves the right to postpone the photo-shoot and reschedule.
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