Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

1Why choose Binke Photographic Art?
Imagine yourself in 30 years. Imagine the story, the legacy you will leave behind. Imagine your grandchildren who will have grandchildren. Imagine the amazing pieces of art passing on from generation to generation long after you're left. At Binke Photographic Art our aim is simple: to treat you with one of a kind experience and together create timeless pieces of wall art that will be passed on from generation to generation. Having a beautiful artwork on your wall is just another way to celebrate a life what was made inside of our own.
2What will my whole experience include and how do I secure it?
We simply ask you to deposit $200 to secure your photographic experience and included are: – Your Photographic Experience * Planning Session / Consultation where we take you on a journey and customize your photographic shoot, to reflect you and your personality – underwater * A Personal Photographic Shoot that captures the essence of you and the people you love most – Your cinematic presentation of your images – Your Design Consultation where we will assist in the selection and customization of your Wall Art that will bring life to your home – Wall Art that will become heirlooms for future generations to enjoy Any deposit has to be made one week before the photo-shoot in order to guarantee the best possible outcome for your shoot.
3Where are you located?
We have our own pool, and we are based in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast near Brisbane, Australia.
4Is the pool heated?
Yes, we keep the pool between 27-33 degrees, but we can crank it up to as warm as you like. Your comfort comes first.
5What if I’m not good at holding my breath?
We will work with you whatever your comfort level is in the water. We talk you through each step and promise you will be comfortable. Most clients, as they become relaxed in the water, surprise themselves with what they are capable of.
6Are you available for weekend photo shoots?
Our Underwater Photo- shoots are Monday, Tuesday & Thursday Friday.
7How long does the photo shoot last?
Binke Photographic Art photo shoot sessions last around 45-60 minutes for kids and up to 2 hrs for adults depending on conditions and concept.
8What about Make Up?
Our Make Up Artist the amazing Valentina Pintus. She is a professional Make Up Artist based on the Sunshine Coast. She gratuated with the highest score at the Professional Make Up Acedemy in Rome, Italy and has been working ever since in the beauty and fasion industry. She has been doing makeup for Milan Fashin Week and Elite Models Italy. Her work has been published and featured in many Fashion Magazine such as ELLE, Glamour and Vogue. Her service include: * BASIC: 75$ Natural Make Up includes lashes ( 45min) * Kid’s Basic: $50 lips cheeks and a bit of eyeshadow (15min)
9What happens after the shooting?
After the photo shoot pool session, we will immediately prepare your images using the latest technology and will invite you back to our studio for your design consultation session. This happens usually all in one day.
10How long do you keep my photographs?
After your design consultation, we will keep your photographs for one month. Only ordered photographs will be kept in our archive.
11What products are you offering?
Please visit our Products Page to get all the detailed informations.
12How much does people usually invest?
Our clients appreciating the art created together and spend between $1000 to $15000.
13What is the difference between Fine Art Paper and Regular Paper?
Standard paper is made from crushed wood pulp. This results in a product that is not archival due to the impurities in the pulp. Fine art paper is normally much thicker and is made from archival cotton rag. This results in a product that will last for 75-100 years.
14When do I pay for my Wall Art?
We ask you to pay for your order when it is placed at your design consultation. All our work is guaranteed, so there is no risk at Binke Photographic Art.
15Do you have Payment Plans?
We offer two fast, simple payment plans. The classic Layby Systems allows you to have your Wall Art delivered after 33% deposit payment is made of your whole order and will spread your cost over time with no questions about your life / income. No Interest or Fees will be charged. Almost any Australian adult, including the self-employed (ABN required) can use Take Home Laybay®. Plus aged and Veterans Affairs pensioners are welcome. 1. Show us a valid photoID & be employed full-time (30 hrs/week). 2. Just pay the required deposit & have your artwork delivered to your door. 3. We direct debit payments until it is paid for. Alternativly you can use our personal designed flexible Paysmart System which is a simple direct debit payment system that allows Australian and New Zealand businesses to collect and manage subscription or periodical payments. The Artwork will be delivered after full payment is made.
16How soon can I get my Wall Art?
We’re doing the best to keep the production time within 4 weeks but sometimes depending on the suppliers it can take up to 6 weeks.
17I am not satisfied with the results, can I come back next time?
Of course you can. Capturing the magic moment underwater is challenging. There are many factors to consider. So feel free to contact us to arrange another shoot.
18Are my photographs protected?
Yes. All your photos are owned by us and protected under the Copyright Law of Australia and registered at the US Copyright Office.
19What if I have to cancel or postpone the photo shoot?
You can cancel your photo-shoot for any reason at any time up to 48 hours prior to date and receive a full refund of all money paid to Binke Photographic Art. There is no refund for any reason after this time. We are more than happy to arrange another suitable time for you or your family.
20What if it is raining on the day of the photo-shoot?
Binke Photographic Art reserves the right to postpone the photo-shoot and reschedule.
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