"An oasis, a midsummer rain shower, a dip in the ocean at dusk — think of the ways water transports us and elevates our mood. "


Boudoir -  Love, cherish and value yourself with our underwater artistic boudoir experience. Whether you're single, married, beginning a new chapter or ending an old one, the mind-blowing artwork that we will create together will boost your confidence and improve your self image. This day with us is dedicated for you as a woman, not the mum or the wife.  Love the woman you are now, embrace your imperfections. So take the plunge, love your uniqueness and offer it to the world. 

Couples -  Getting photographs as a couple might actually help you stay connected! Life can get in the way and in the rush of things sometimes keeping track of milestones or just celebrating your relationship gets lost in the shuffle. When couples have kids, they might put a focus on tracking their children's growth and stop to take photos of themselves. Almost any joint activity is a good way to bond with your partner, especially if it celebrates your relationship. When it comes to our underwater portrait, you not only get the ultimate bonding experience, but breathtaking artworks that you can proudly display in your home as an expression of your love. 


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"Every year I choose something out of my comfort zone to challenge myself. When I came across Binke Photographic Art on facebook, I felt straight way in love with their photos. This was by far way out of my comfort zone - an underwater boudoir photoshoot. Posing underwater let alone in my lingerie. the day of the photoshoot i was so nervous but as soon as i walk into their studio both Steffen and Arielle put me at ease. It was the most incredible experience. The photos blew my mind. I couldn't believe how good I Look, it was a total boost of self-esteem and confidence. I decided to hang them opposite to our bed. Hubby absolutely love them. Every night and every morning they remind me how beautiful and strong I am. . ."

Love Samantha xxx





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