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Underwater Portrait photoshoot Information

Help us to make the best pictures during your underwater portrait photoshoot :

  • It is essential to build your baby’s confidence in the water prior to coming for an underwater portrait photoshoot as we will to do a minimum of 6 to 8 short submersions of 2 to 3 seconds duration. This can be achieved by attending baby swimming classes, or teaching your baby yourself following an online baby swim course. Babies can swim before they can walk, and the diving reflex is much stronger in babies than in kids or adults. It will cause your baby to hold their breath automatically when under water.
  • underwater portrait photoshoot information underwater portrait photoshoot

    Prepare your baby by going swimming regularly to build your child’s confidence.

  • It is never too soon to introduce your baby to water. Babies will relax in water if you give them a bath in the tub every night. Build your babies confidence and introduce word association by giving the command “Ready go!” and pour a small amount of water over the top of your baby’s head. Do this several times. As baby’s confidence grows pour more water over your baby’s head with each command.
  • Parents are encouraged to join in the underwater portrait photoshoot to get a family picture with their child. There are 3 golden rules for parents to remember and practise beforehand:
    • Don’t blow bubbles under water ?
    • Make sure you have your eyes open and you are looking at your child (and not at the camera). ?
    • Relax, look natural and smile.
  • For the underwater portrait photoshoot, children should swim without goggles. If they are used to goggles you can practise beforehand by playing games with them in the pool that encourage them to open their eyes, for example dropping sinkers to the bottom of the pool and diving for them or counting fingers of another person under water.
  • We encourage you to bring along with the swimsuit some different costumes, outfits and accessories for you to get the best photos possible and a bigger variety to choose from. Find below some examples of how to accessorise your photo shoot.

If your baby does not like submersion… we will work around your baby’s capabilities and we still guarantee amazing photographs.

Important Medical Information:

By booking an underwater portrait photoshoot you understand and accept that your baby needs to have completed some form of baby swimming program, is comfortable in water and able to do a minimum of 6 to 8 short submersions (i.e. have sufficient respiratory strength through prior training).
Younger babies will naturally do fewer submersions.
We reserve the right to cut the underwater portrait photoshoot short should your baby be considered distressed or not fit enough to complete the session.

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