Three amazing sisters - family underwater portrait photo-shoot
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Three amazing sisters

Three amazing sisters

There is never a dull moment when we have an underwater family portrait photo-shoot. While we always have a plan, we must have the flexibility to adapt quickly to last minute changes. As you can imagine, many elements must be aligned for the magic to happen – model, photographer, communication, camera, fabric and water, all this in a small window of time ( around 1 to 3 seconds). It is a juggling act at times, and definitely keeps us on our toes but we are so addicted to the outcome. The element of surprise, the unpredictable, the fun and laughter make underwater portrait so addictive never a boring day.

You can imagine our excitement when we got to shoot three amazing sisters Layla 1, Bailey 6 and Cooper 8. The complexity of the photo-shoot has just been multiplied by 3 🙂  So how do we do it? Whats our secret? Simple! For the most part, we can only control 50% of the elements, so we focus on perfecting that portion only, and the rest we take as it comes.  As our slogan says “Let them play, and we’ll do the rest” Nothing further to add as this is the true essence of our shoot.

We came up with 50 amazing underwater family portraiture photos and here below are a few of them. The girls absolutely had a blast and the parents were stoked – this is the message from their mum Erin – Thanks so much Steffen and Arielle – we had a great time this morning and it was lovely to meet you (and Mr Marley too!) The girls will remember today for a very long time!

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